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Not for any religious impulse could the American nation have been expected to show such devotion en masse, such sacrifice and labor. But the State stands as an idea behind them all, eternal, sanctified, and from it Government and Administration conceive themselves to have the breath of life.

McKinley polled two million more votes than Harrison did four years earlier. The American President himself, the liberal hope of the world, had demanded, in the eyes of the world, open diplomacy, agreements freely and openly arrived at.

Their squabbles over a tariff were family affairs, for the tariff could not materially affect the common man of either East or West. We grow up and our imaginations gradually stake out the world we live in, they need no greater conscious satisfaction for their gregarious impulses than this sense of a great mass of people to whom we are more or less attuned, and in whose institutions we are functioning.

The herd-mind followed faithfully the State-mind and, the agitation for a referendum being soon forgotten, the country fell into the universal conclusion that, since its Congress had formally declared the war, the nation itself had in the most solemn and universal way devised and brought on the entire affair.

The story is similar in the U. Others fled the city.

The Civil War

Walter WristonCiticorp Chairman, All economic problems are about removing impediments to supply, not demand. In each colony that fatal seed of the State had been sown; it could not disappear. A possible cynical and manipulative Delphic priesthood can no longer be invesigated -- except through the actual testimony of one of them, Plutarch -- but it is not likely that Delphi was conducted in ways very different from those open to modern description.

No one wlil deny that war is a vast complex of life-destroying and life-crippling forces. If they are consciously opposed by a too invidious policy of Americanism, they tend to be strengthened.

War, which should be the health of the State, unifies all the bourgeois elements and the common people, and outlaws the rest.

War is a very artificial thing. For a suitable donation, a question could be put to the Pythia and an answer obtained from Apollo. Guess a Nobel [i. No one ever accused Mr. It is often said that the Pythia's words were unintelligible and had to be translated by priests.

The Election of 1896

What had to be at first rawly imposed becomes through social habit to seem the necessary, the inevitable. At this point, A People's History Of The United States is available in regular form, read aloud on audio, on posters, in a teaching edition, and as just the twentieth century chapters we have all but the posters.

Others ridiculed the relationship between McKinley and his benefactor Hanna, often showing the campaign manager as a wealthy puppet-master to the candidate.

Thus, in relation to either geology or shamanism, it was more important to apply Protestant anti-clericalism, and accuse the priests of Delphi of fraud, than to document and understand, even from recent evidence or hard science, how these things work.

And we go up At war, the indvidual becomes almost identical with his society.

United States presidential election, 1800

From such serfdom, military conscription is not so great a change. They live habitually in an industrial serfdom, by which though nominally free, they are in practice as a class bound to a system of a machine-production, the implements of which they do not own, and in the distribution of whose product they have not the slightest voice, except what they can occasionally exert by a veiled intimidation which draws slightly more of the product in their direction.

The American world tossed in a state of doubt, of reawakened social conscience, of pragmatic effort for the salvation of society. Delphi already had such a reputation. It is quite accurately suggested by this attitude that the Administration is a temporary band of partisan politicians in charge of the machinery of Government, carrying out the mystical policies of State.

Contributions from childhood friend John D. In April, Burr's successful mobilization of the vote in New York City succeeded in reversing the Federalist majority in the state legislature to provide decisive support for the Democratic-Republican ticket.

It would be no better than the Railway or Education commissions that are sent from one country to another with rational constructive purpose.

Unimpeachable Anglo-Saxon-Americans who were freer of pacifist or socialist utterance than the State-obsessed ruling public opinion, received heavier penalties, and even greater opprobrium, in many instances, than the definitely hostile German plotter.

Federalists spread rumours that the Democratic-Republicans were radicals who would ruin the country based on the Democratic-Republican support for the French Revolution. Destroying capital, lower productivity and costly oil will raise inflation and occasion government spending, which will stimulate output.

The mdoern unquestioning acceptance of the State comes out of long and turbulent centuries when the State was challenged and had to fight its way to prevail.

In times of peace the sense of the State flags in a republic that is not militarized. This actually shows that this system in not probably the best when it comes to elections, but it is traditionally fixed.

Without having to deal with these two topics, American politicians were able to focus on other matters. The wars of the Revolutionary armies of France were clearly in defense of an imperiled freedom, and moreover, they were clearly directed not against other peoples, but against the autocratic governments that were combining to crush the Revolution.

The Sherman Silver Purchase Act of was a compromise between those who favored gold and those who favored silver as valuation for currency.

Besides, his Tariff was the key to economic prosperity in his mind and he took every opportunity before the throngs in his front yard to drive home the point.

The electors are originally chosen by the political parties. An anthology with commentary, Cohen’s selection of campaign speech making spans the century, from William Jennings Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” speech of to Bill Clinton’s acceptance speech.

Below is an essay on "The Election of " from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. On November 3,14 million Americans went to the polls, giving Republican William McKinley a winning total of over 7, votes (51%) and in the Electoral College against about 6, popular ballots (46%) and electoral votes for Democrat William Jennings Bryan.

Republican President who wins the election-wants to embrace silver because he knows it’s the right thing to do-but his party says elsewise Wizard of Oz Littleton Thesis People belive that the Wizard of Oz was a metaphor for all of the chaos that was going on in America at this time in American history.

It was one of the rules which, above all others, made Doctor Franklin the most amiable of men in society, "never to contradict anybody." If he was urged to announce an opinion, he did it rather by asking questions, as if for information, or by suggesting doubts.

The United States presidential election of was the third quadrennial presidential was held from Friday, November 4 to Wednesday, December 7, It was the first contested American presidential election, the first presidential election in which political parties played a dominant role, and the only presidential election in which a president and vice president were elected.

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